Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Nuthin' But Mech Book

The robot nerds over at Nuthin' But Mech (more specificly Lorin Wood) have put a book together!
And I'm part of it! Insane.

Most of the other artists in the book are people I've looked up to (and still do) for years.
Its such a great honour to be in it.

You can sneak a peak and pre-order over at Design Studio Press - I recommend checking out the last page in the preview ;)

Also Design Studio Press will be present at this years Comic Con with the book, in case you get the chance to go there.

Here is one piece that I made for the book, unfortunately I exceeded my limit so I had to choose, and it got cut.

Also some sketches I didn't use.
Hope you enjoy!


Mark Tompkins said...

cool man, looking forward to seeing it!

Mark Tompkins said...
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Jorge del Valle said...

Congrats man! You are going to be officially published.

Great work on that exosuit. It'll be awesome to see it in the printed page.

Søren Bendt said...

Mark: Thanks man, been a long time we should do some lunch sketching soon!

Jorge: Thanks! I should get a copy in a couple of weeks.. Then we can take turns to lick the pages?!