Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dark Potential Concept Art

Recently released work I did for the Mini Wargaming project 'Dark Potential'.

This is a concept for the basic unit in the 'Salvager' robotic army, the 'Scrapling'. It scavenges and takes samples, to locate further resources.
Hope you enjoy!

Some gadget variations.

Initial brainstorming/thumbnail sheet.


Jorge del Valle said...

Looking awesome as usual. Nice shading and colour in the main piece. The variations look really good too.

I keep going back and forth between liking that the hero version is a more simple one, and wishing it had been one of the other ones with more gadgets poking out.

It would be awesome to see another piece at some point showing the scrapling at work in the midst of some big scrapyard type environment.

Shoki said...

Slick designs, Soren! The bot has a lot of character, a very distinct 'face' and that wonderful protruding detail on the hind leg are my favourite touches.

Søren Bendt said...

Jorge: Thanks man, yeah I'd like to do a bunch of them in an environment. Lets see what my client think first tho :)

Shoki: Cheers man! Glad you like em. That little detail is my favourite part as well. I was something that just felt right in the thumbnail, and one of those things I see in other designs that makes me wonder 'what the hell does that do'?. That kind of detail would always make me invent a purpose for it when I played with toys that had similar 'weirdness' as I kid. So thought I'd better keep it.