Sunday, June 10, 2012

Prints available! -and some sketches from the Asus ep121 slate

Hey, finally PRINTS available at

If you are interested in a print of an image not in the current selection, send me a mail and I'll see what I can do. 

Its busy times atm and a lot of the work I make is behind closed doors, hopefully I can show some of it soon.
Meanwhile here are some sketches from the ep121, still getting used to it but absolutely loving it! It took a bit of modification, but I'll get back on that in another post with an more in-depth review! 

Hope you enjoy. Now go buy all the prints. Twice. Because your parents walls should have more robots too. 


Raynal Reyes said...

hello friend, REALLY GREAT STUFF!!!
I recently just purchased the Asus ep121
and was wondering how you have it set up, programs, pens, windows 8? 7?

I would love to hear what you have to say about it and what are the things you find annoying about the tablet.

I do art myself

and was wondering if I'll be using this thing (cuz my iPad is collecting dust)

reply to

Thanks man and again, really impressed with your talents!

Anonymous said...

great Art ! you're very talented !