Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back from Denmark and the Stenchcrawl #27

Got back from a small holiday in Denmark, great times! So good to meet up with old friends and familiy again.

We even managed to drag our corpses to the sketchcrawl #27at the Danish National Gallery after 5 days of instant partying.

man drawing while hungover is hard. But kinda interesting too, it feels like your brain has been set back to a previous state, and a lot of the knowlegde you use when describing form is lost. I felt I was relying more on simple tricks to try and make it look 'ok' rather than really studying the form. Something I see happening in my drawings when I'm sober too, and really want to avoid.

Here's my first drawing in the morning of our table before we left.


However it was really good fun, and I did feel like experimenting a bit more (what was there too loose?) and it was great to see how many people turned up for the event, I think we were around 15 people, a lot of really good artists. I just felt bad about the way I smelled.

On my way home my flight got delayed (why does this always happen when I'm in good time?) and with my brains slightly regenerated due to moms cooking I got a bit more sketching done.

And a drawing of a frog from reference, in photoshop.


Rasmus said...

Nice that you added the toad just to prove you could draw when sober ;)

nice drawings

jamie holmes said...

Hahahah yerh the toad is a nice touch well done.

Great to see you again!.

kanishk said...

Great drawings! I need to pick up on my life drawing as well, thanks for the inspiration.
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Søren Bendt said...

Brain: Yeah gotta keep up

jams: Thanks man, good times! We shall drink some more lambrusco and watch extermination city next time!

Kanishk: Thanks for dropping by :)

Mads Johansen said...

Jamen Søren dog! Sikke en awesome tudse, der... Skitserne er osse fine, men har bare aldrig set dig tegne fotorealistisk tror jeg.

Søren Bendt said...

Tak Mads, ja flirter lidt med det mere realitiske for tiden, synes det er en rigtig spaendende udfordring.
foeles virkelig someom man laerer noget af det.