Sunday, June 20, 2010

New City

A heads up if you are going to this year Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Future Shorts and will be screening my shortfilm Hum as part of this year short film program for Roskilde Cinema.

It'll be at Roskilde Biografen Tuesday 29/07 at 14.30pm
and Sunday d. 4. kl. 9.30am for those early birds.
I'm not going this year, but for those who are: Have a great festival! 


Troels Lindrup Madsen said...

Whaaat? Screening at Roskilde, thats awesome!

Love the colours btw! The light green aura and the ambience of the city, makes me want to go live there :)

jamie holmes said...

Good to se some new stuff!.

Mads Johansen said...

Very lækkert!

Søren Bendt said...

Thanks guys :)

Kochie said...

New desktoppicture - thanks ^^
Were you paid for the screening? :D