Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter break sketches and lifedrawings

We went to the V&A for some easter break sketching. There is a great atmosphere in the Cast Courts, it feels like the massive statues are simply so impressive that people only dare to whisper. Great place to really sit down and focus. Good times.

Also here are some life drawings from the last couple of months, the more I do this the more interesting it gets, I only wish I've done it more when I was back in school. Only one way to make up for it.
Hope you'll enjoy them!



Mads Juul said...

cool to see.thank you for sharing. I did 10 years without lifedrawing. well I will only regret what I'm not doing now.And not what i didn't do.

JP said...

Whoa - massive update! I'm back in the UK from July and I live about 20min walk from the V&A - if you feel like hooking up and drawing some more plaster David's etc. Let me know ;)

Rune Ryberg said...

Great drawings! I need to pick up on my life drawing as well, thanks for the inspiration.

anne-sofie said...
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Søren Bendt said...

Mads: Thanks man no regrets only goals :)

JP: Sounds great! let me know when you're back in town.

Rune: cheers man