Monday, August 23, 2010

robototors and doodles

Couple of sketches from the random folder. 


Michael said...

Love that robot!

jamie holmes said...

Søren I really like your gentel strokes in the girls face and as always great robotto design :D

Mark Tompkins said...

Great sketches Soren!

Søren Bendt said...

Michael: Thanks! Gotta do some more robots i think :D

Jamie: Cheers bro!

Mark: Thanks man! We should go sketch soon.

Mads Johansen said...

ÅH, Sono!!! Why didn't I follow your blog sooner!?!? AGH! You got the mad skills, boy.

Søren Bendt said...

hehe thanks Mads :)
If I was in DK we should have mad sketch sessions!