Sunday, August 01, 2010

London Sketchcrawl#28

Woah we where such a big great group this time around. I didnt really get the chance to meet everyone, but I saw a lot of great sketches on this fine day in London.
I bought a china marker in the morning, and it fast became on of the most fun sketching tools I've used in a while. 
Looking forward to next session.

click for bigger ;)


Anonymous said...

Great sketches!

Neil-W said...

These are great Soren, love the brush pen work.

JP said...

They look so organised on here ;) I still have to scan! Let me know if you're up for another mini crawl any time soon.

A. Riabovitchev said...

Great sketches Soren!
It was nice to meet you.:o)

Søren Bendt said...

thanks guys :) much appreciated.