Sunday, August 12, 2007

Red and Boxbot Responds

oh finally. 'Red and Boxbot Responds' is on the tube. This was a 48hours project done by Andreas N G (Werner) and me, at the stuttgart Red Girl 48hours 3d jam session. All we got was the red girl rig and two computers with photoshop, after effects, premiere, and maya.
-and loads of red bull (disgusting stuff).
afterwards we did some minor tweaks 2 evenings at werner's place, so the story was a bit more clear and polished.
Rene Brokop did a cool score to fit it all together. i hope you dig!
ok laters.


Torben said...

Rock n roll! :) Det er sgu imponerende. Ved ikke hvordan historien var tidligere men "Je compre" som de nok siger på MacGuff..

andreasng dreaz warna said...

yeah det var fedt! mand ... en gang til sono.

jamie holmes said...

jaaah ! det er feeh!
robots are awsome..