Saturday, July 14, 2007

Giant Deep Sea Monster Fish of Death! and news.

Hey fine folks. man so much has happened since last update. i missed you.
Hum took the first prize at the Sicarm International Contest in Murcia, and i got to go there, it was awesome.

Hum will also be screening at this year Danish Filmfestival in Odense, and ill be there the 29th of August. hope to see you (and finally find out if anybody reads this, and who YOU are).
it will be screening the 28th at 11am and 29th at 19pm. and its free!

I started working too, now im located at Framestore CFC in London, so if London is where you lurk around, lets hang out.

Heres a diver battling a giant Monster Fish of Death.


Haruko said...

Hi! I'm a Hum-fanatic. I love your short film. Congratulations for your prize in Sicarm. Your work is fantastic.
Go on!

Scorechild said...

I hate u...but its a great stuff nonetheless :)

jamie holmes said...

super farvelægning!.

jeg savner min ven....

prp said...

mmmmereee fissssk ssssskkkll


Anonymous said...

what is the movie?

Milagros - juegos de cocina said...

so crazy! is really cool, theese pic is good