Sunday, November 26, 2006


I wish there was some snow outside. But no. But there is snow in this painting!
Its sort of a self portrait, so I hope you like it!
Other news: I brought the new Tom Waits Orphans today and it is GREAT! Go get it now!
-Only bad thing is that my stuff always turn brownish when i listen to his stuff.. which happens a lot. hmm..
I got the limited edition with a fine little book inside, man I love the feeling of looking through a new cover full of pictures and lyrics while listening to the music for the first time.
So if you are a musical genius, wondering if you should sell your soul along with a fancy cover.. The answer is yes.
Another thing: My Ally Tauruz and I played war3 tft against the rank 1 arranged team players on Lordaeron today, and got our asses kicked in. -But we did call them N00bs! HA!


Rasmus said...

Arhh den er fed Sono. Du naar nu nok at faa lidt sne hen over julen eller maaske til januar maaske vil jeg med egne naever lave en snebold og kyle i fjaeset paa dig...gnaek gnaek. Anyways har forresten skiftet linket paa min side til din blog istedet, nu hvor der ikke er noget at komme efter paa "Hum-film", for nogen tid.



Jeppe Sandholt said...

Fuck YEAH man! Hey Søren, det er fandeme i orden det der!
Håber du kører med klatten ovre i San Fran!
Der er heller ikke sne i DK...
Knus Jepper