Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It seems that my desire for drawing get bigger when I'm doing technical stuff in Maya... Guess it a good thing.
I dont know about this one, it turned a bit corny somehow (hey at least she does not have crap elven ears, or fairy wings)... But its in colors...!

If you still think this post hurt you, listen to some Man or astro-man?! (it helps me and if you don't know them, be happey that you saw this post)


Dreaz said...

HI sono

This looks great! It is one of the best you've done so far. The rough messed-up kind of texturing works perfectly, and the motive is awesome of course. Her face is sweet and nice, especially her nose. Keepitup

EddaHronn said...

Hi ho soren

My jaw is on the floor :)
Amazing. Beautyful!..love it!

Hope you are well and enjoying "Saaaan Fraaan" (said with my crappy american accent)

x edda

Anonymous said...

alrighty sonozoid.

there's an intrigueing (or mystified, if the other isn't spelled correctly) air about it - something magical with the black birds (ravens?). not bad for someone like you, hehe.

paya said...

yes sørni benti. its really beautiful, not corny.... keep posting at one point my drawing interest will come back. And thanx beforehand :)x