Wednesday, May 11, 2016

HTC Vive tiltbrush is pretty wicked

Got my hands on The HTC VIVE VR headset+controllers and google app Tiltbrush, and started playing with it in the office at IO Entertainment. Its nuts.. Drawing and painting, sculpting in VR. Every time I read about or try VR/AR/3D/STEREO it feels clunky and gimmicky. Tiltbrush still feels like a toy/game, but the possibilities begin to shine through and I can't put it down.  
I'm wondering about its place in a production environment, the prospects with new tools becoming available giving us the ability to export models to maya, this makes me pretty excited. The ability to judge a design by walking around a rough VR sketch is undeniably useful.

I'm missing a ton of functionality in Tiltbrush from other professional 3d applications and photoshop, but I'm sure its only a question of time.

Another thing is the pricetag for the Vive.. too steep for any freelance artists to be able to take advantage of it in its current form.
I hope the hololens will have a similar function, being able to still see your real environment and share with others will be amazing. The future is looking pretty cool..

Here are some my first sketches in Tiltbrush sped up x2. *warning heavy breathing*

And export test for production environment.

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