Monday, May 27, 2013

trigger and layouts

More dudes in suits, and some quickish value layouts done a while back.
I like the 4 per page approach, and I think I'll go back and see if I can touch up some a bit.

I'll be going to the upcoming london workshop over the weekend ... which seems their site is down atm.. Anyway! I sure its going to be a blast, I hope to see loads of known and unknown faces there!
I'm a pretty nerdy looking guy, with hair, a beard and glasses so should easy to spot there.

Also check out the trailer for Paul Greengrass's 'Captain Phillips' I did a lot of boards and previs on that one, and have really high hopes. Also I did some boards for Ron Howard's 'Rush' which is looking great too! wroom!

Update! I forgot, but wanted to upload this quickie as well. Space Bonus! 


Shoki said...

I swear each one of those b&w thumbnail comps are gold! Keep kicking ass dude!

Søren Bendt said...

cheers man!