Saturday, January 05, 2013

Holiday sketches

Hope you guys had a good holiday!

Here are some sketches done over the break.

Wanted to play around with materials a bit more, many years of photoshopping brings weird habits..

I tend to draw quite messy when sketching digitally and undoing as soon as the tiniest thing seems 'not right', but when on paper I can push past this and resist the urge to edit and give the initial drawing a chance to actually happen.

Refreshing if not somewhat scary not having undo to fall back on..
Also it reveals things I need to brush up on...

For those interested, material used are: 21x29,7cm Fafabriano China Felt Grey paper, Copic markers, Copic multiliner and Pilot white ink pen.

Hope you enjoy!


Mads Johansen said...

That just reeks of awesome, Sono. And it is nice to get away from ctrl-z once in a while ;) I've actually caught my right hand reachin for the keyboard once or twice even when doing analogue sketches :D

Søren Bendt said...

Thanks Mads! Yeah I def want to do some more. But I forgot to close the white ink pen properly and now the lid is super stuck... once I solve this giant obstacle I'll do some more :)