Thursday, April 05, 2012

Art Tutorials/tricks&tips and a quick painting

Hey hope you are having a nice Easter break.

I've gotten quite a few mails lately asking me different questions regarding  my technique for painting. Sorry if I didn't reply, I'm sure I intended to, but then something flashed somewhere...

Anyways I don't really have go to methodology, or a tutorial (yet!) but there are a lot of small tricks that I use. Many stems from art tutorials/videos/blogs I've found online, there is so much great stuff out there just waiting to be found.
Here is a small collections of sites/videos I really enjoy and felt I learned from, hope you might find something you can use!

Arne Art Tutorial  
Probably my fav art tutorial, its so simple and to the point. I keep coming back to it.

Temple of the Seven Golden Camels on Composition  
Mark Kennedy's Blog. Can't get around this guy. His entire blog is goldmine -full of diamonds on fire.

Paul Richards on concept art 
Paul shares great insights to concept art, its an awesome read.

Paul Richard's ThumbWar tutorial 
Because you want MORE from this guy!

Rad Sechrist blog on drawing 
Rad is a storyborder at Dreamworks, this blog is not storyboards tho, but has great example drawings that reads so well, its super simple but it explains things way better than most books I've seen.

Matt khors 'Ctrl Paint' videos on photoshop painting  
Tons of great tips on using Photoshop, I think I've learned another little short key, or technique every time I've watched one of his videos.

Feng Zhu draws everything and explains it, at the speed of Feng Zhu 
Massive Archive of videos, so much to learn. I especially enjoyed his videos on mechanical design.

man.. I know I have tons more lying around.. I might update this as I scavenge through my bookmarks!

Also no post without some drawing or painting.


Gurmukh said...

This is one of the best posts I have ever read. Thanks so much for sharing the links!!!

Sharon - juegos de vestir said...
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Søren Bendt said...

Gurmukh: np man more people should know about these badboys!

Mel said...

Thanks for these links. They've already come in super useful