Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mech Warfare Poster

Here is a commissioned poster I did for Rusty Wrench Robotics/Mech Warfare. Based on design and 3d model by Erik Laughlin.
Mech Warfare is a competition were the contestants build and fight with their own robots in an arena. The pilots are only allowed to navigate and fight using cameras from the robots, making it a proper mech simulation. Check it out.
You can get one of the posters at the events, or by help funding a new arena via Mech Warfare kickstarter.


Alden said...

Hey! I'm one of the many kickstarters who supported this project.

As the project lead has gone silent for 6 weeks since the last update, and still has not produced and shipped posters for the rewards levels that wanted them, I wanted to ask the image source.

Is there a higher resolution version of this? Did you get paid for the commission?



Søren Bendt said...

Hi Alden,

Sorry to hear that. If that is the case I assume it must have been a mistake?

The person who commissioned the poster was a pleasure to work with and paid on time no problem, I'll forward your message to him.

Since I'm not the owner of the poster, I can't provide you with a high resolution image I'm afraid.

Hope everything clears out soon!