Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Last sketches of last year. For now.

Hey going through some of the sketches I have lying around from the random folder of 2011.
Here are a few picks, hope you like them!

Hmm.. I made that last one today. Might post some more last year ramblings, but would like to just fix a couple of things... so its looking a bit bleak. Lets see!

Holidays has been great and quite busy, got a lot more stuff coming up, but it will be a while before it sees the dim light of a monitor online. Stay tuned.

Hope you had a great break and gl hf 2012! gg 2011, no re.


jamie holmes said...

Hi Sono Bonono,
I love the last space ship and the the gasmask dude, looks fucking shpadoinkle!.

Are you comming to my birthday on the 28th this month? ;)


Søren Bendt said...

Thanks Jams! Would have loved to, you'll have to do with random drunk sms from strange phone numbers for now tho. :)