Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Launch and video stuff with terrible commentary!

So I did a recording while drawing the last half of this. Sorry I don't have the full thing, will fix this for next time!
I usually try to save my files with some milestones layers, so I can better review the steppes later.
However I never look at the psds later, and I accidentally the layers a lot, so I was looking for another more detailed way to track the process.

I thought a video capture would be more useful as a way to analyse my somewhat random speedpaint process.
And then why not share it? Because its terrible you say? Well yes, but I want to start streaming and creating more active art content, so gotta start somewhere.

Since a video on its own is pretty boring I added a commentary. Its pretty bad... sorry. please feel free to mute it. My mic is terrible, and I mumble and repeat a lot... will look into getting a better mic and brain for next time. Unless I die from sheer embarrassment. Please feel free to leave any feedback in comments, or requests btw.

Anyways I love watching this kind of videos (done right) by other artists, seeing what weird little tricks they use, have a peak inside their brain and maybe learn something. So I hope you can somewhat enjoy my first clumsy attempt at making one!

I'm still figuring out video compression stuff, so please bear with the low quality for now. OK JUST WATCH THE !%#%!^ VIDEO CONVERTING THIS SHIT TOOK FRIKIN AGES TO MAKE!

I was supposed to play Hard Reset tonight.  >:(


Lars Otterclou said...

good stuff man, thanks for the video!

Søren Bendt said...

cheers bud!

imploder said...

fine tutorial. keep it up.