Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mudbox! Weird alien Batman and sketches.

One of my colleagues recently introduced me to Autodesk Mudbox, and I got really excited about it. 
Its pretty much what I always felt like modelling should be. Its very intuitive, and if you know maya already, very easy to jump into and get sculpting right away. Fun stuff! 

I've done something that could be some weird alien Batman. If Batman was a movie like The Fly, that took place in the Mass Effect universe... yeah..

Also some quick speedpaints and a study done over the last couple of evenings.

Hope you have a great Easter break! 


Jorge del Valle said...

Love the new stuff man!

The mud box alien head is definitely better than when I last saw it.

I really like the guy in the spacesuit and the vehicle drawing is pretty awesome too. There's something really good about how simple it is and how effective at the same time.

See you after the break!


Søren Bendt said...

Thanks man! :)