Saturday, October 02, 2010

Life drawingses

Here are some life drawings from our weekly sessions, over the last couple of months.

I've been falling behind on the scanning, badly. My scanner is hideously slow, and with my impatience the scanned picture always end up with an missing arm or foot, and I have to rescan. grrr.

Mostly 1-5min 10-15mins poses.
Hope you enjoy them.  

Click for bigger :)


Shoki said...

Great lines and shading, you get a great sense of form from these and you nail the gestures perfectly!

Where do you go life drawing?

João said...

the human figure goes perfectly! as Shoki said: "great sense of form" ... you real give life to those arms and legs

Mads Johansen said...

Hey! Number four guy is Locke!!! Waesome croquis, Sono... waesome.

Søren Bendt said...

Shoki:Thanks man, volume is one of the things ive been pushing for a lot lately :) We have weekly sessions at MPC where I work.

João: Thank you! Much appreciated!

Mads: Thanks Mads, he totally does.
The actual model looked more like a mix of Bruce Willis and John Malkovich, with a few pounds on the side I think.

Anonymous said...

nice work!

i remember when i went to life drawing class way back when. yours are waaaaaaay better. the 2nd batch on the left in the top set are just great. keep it going ...

rad sechrist said...

Awesome blog!

de.puta.madre said...

stong & fluid!!

Søren Bendt said...

Wiec: Thanks man!

Rad secrhist: Thank you so much!

de.puta.madre: Cheers, much appreciated!