Thursday, January 14, 2010

Postcard from another world

I know I'm late, and you probably completed it 10times by now, but Batman Arkham Asylum is awesome!
While drawing this I kept the challenge mode running in the background so i could easily tab in, become batman and kick ass for 5-15mins and then return with fresh eyes.
My current Sewer Bat Extreme record is 86195.


Troels Lindrup Madsen said...

Nice one!

The mountain-thing in the background, somehow reminds me of the man with the Fish head you drew earlier. The spaceship also has a kind of deep sea fish look, in a good way! After all, the surface of the earth is only the shore of the cosmic ocean, who knows what we will find when we go to the deep sea of space ;)

jamie holmes said...

Great stuff as always Sono Bonno.
Dos is turn when it is on the move?.