Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brutal Legend!

Hey, Brutal Legend is OUT! BUY IT! PLAY IT! OR DIE!

I'm super excited about this you have no idea! There's a couple of reasons for that. First off because of Grim Fandango and Psychonauts and Full Throttle and everything else Tim Schafer has been involved in.
Can't get enough of the imagination, humour and clever writing. And the ART. oh man each game with its own distinct style matching the universe of the games.
So yeah I'm a huge Double Fine fanboi geek dude. deal with it and join me.

I was psyched when I got to work on Brutal Legend as part of an internship a couple of years back, and it was an amazing experience. I want to thank everyone who made that possible, and the great people at DF who had the patience to work with me. You guys are awesome.
The skin on my fingers has grown back over the years, so don't worry.

Im very proud to have been the tiniest part of this, and today Im gonna share some of that work with you.

Ophelias' behind. I was blessed with the task to carefully place each of those vertices after tons of research and guidance from the art and animation teams.
I know. This screenshot alone is enough for you to run to the nearest game dealer, but just in case check out some brutal trailer, track list and interviews.

I'll see you on the battlefields of Metal!
(when I can afford a xboxstaion5..)



Troels Lindrup Madsen said...

Good work on that ass bro! Its very nice!

jamie holmes said...

Your designs are awsome my boy.

søren bendt said...

hehe jamie, Thanks but I didnt design her, Scott did that. but I did model the ass. actually I modeled everything except her face (Tyler did that) but a lot of it was reuse from previous build characters. Only the ass, legs and hair was a 100% custom job. :)

Anonymous said...