Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hum at Siggraph 2009 and lunch sketch

Hey, I forgot to mention. Hum is at Siggraph 2009! Or a trailer version of it is.
I'm not sure.
But Its screening Thursday 6 of August at the 2 cool 4 school program 3:45 - 5:30 pm, check it out if you are around.
Thanks to my creepy stalker friend Laurence for pointing out when Hum was on!

Here is an alien encounter sketch from lunch breaks this week.


kdsh7 said...

Wow! It was great meeting you at the sketchcrawl Søren, I really enjoyed drawing in your company - and now, double bonus, I get to admire these amazing pieces on your blog! I knew there would be a bonus to you being a scifi fan.

P.S: Hum is a work of genius and I now want a little dancing robot for my desk.

søren bendt said...

Hey man! Thanks alot!
Last sketchcrawl was great, we should go again soon!