Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Oh man. My shortfilm 'Hum' is finally online! I'm super excited about this. Thanks to the great people at Future Shorts!

You can watch it here:

You can also watch it at If you prefer.



Mark said...

I saw it in YouTube, man, you did an outstanding job!! everything on the short is impressive, from concept to script, from photography to music.

I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on this beautiful and successful project. I hope there will be many more to come for you.


joao said...

i already saw it yesterday on Youtube. It's great! the colors and the graphics are awesome and the script was magic and also unpredictable. i really really enjoyed it.

incredible work søren.
congratulations, from portugal.

joao said...

by the way, i posted the youtube embed on my blog.

AndreasNG said...

FAntastic Swon! ^_^

rafarofacamargo said...

You are great!