Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hello everyone,

The Ffresh film festival taking place in Aberystwyth Wales, will be screening Hum as part of their International program from the 11th -13th of February.

I will be there and take part in a small panel session with Johnny Kelly and Joseph Pierce telling a little bit about what I'm up to.
Tim Allen is keeping an eye on it, hopefully it will be fun and awesome.
You can read more about it here. And check out Jhonny Kellys short 'Procastination'!

Also Brad Blackbourn the director of photography and head of layout, on 'Tale of Despereaux' has written an in depth article over at Vfxworld.
Loads of interesting points from a clever guy.
Check it out.

Ok thats it. Here's a giant boiler.


AndreasNG said...

wow Sono! cool efin boiler. some big pipes you got there. nice coløøørs.

z ya

Fogeden said...

Looks awesome dude!
Good work as always. Hope life is swell in far-away workland.