Tuesday, February 13, 2007

update for real. with Fish head.

Ok so this is totally new stuff, no old hard-drive stories I promise.
I bought a new wacom board since I'm no longer in school and can't abuse school equipment.
yes no more school! I graduated last last Thursday and it feels great! So now I can listen to the black keys and paint all day. actually pretty close to what I used to do anyways.. well.
Take care!

Oh yeah Im working on getting a myspace site.. Its rough. remember to do the dishes.


Mr.Maqe said...

se jeg har også en nu


Rasmus Norgaard said...

Hej Soeren - jeg kan rigtig godt lide ham her fiskemanden. Saa ogsaa din kort film og var meget imponeret.
Glaeder mig til at se mere...